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  1. ​Lunar Electric is a licensed, over 18 years of age event.

  2. Any ticketing issues must be addressed to Ticketbooth directly.

  3. You must present your PDF ticket that was emailed to you at purchase or otherwise re issued at a later date. Ticketbooth staff will be at the event to deal with issues such as tickets not received or lost. ID and credit card used for purchase must be presented.

  4. All tickets will attract a booking fee.

  5. Ticket presented at the gate must match the ID of the ticket holder.

  6. Tickets will not be refunded except as required the Code Of Fair Practice.

  7. No pass outs will be issued.

  8. It is a condition of entry to allow the ticket holder to have their bags, clothes or any other possessions searched by security.

  9. Anyone deemed to be intoxicated, displaying anti-social behaviour (including aggressive dancing or stage diving) or breaching licensing laws will be refused entry or asked to leave without refund.

  10. Anyone attending the event does so at their own risk.

  11. Professional cameras are not allowed in the event space without the consent of the promoter and will need to carry accreditation. Only small cameras and phones will be admitted.

  12. Neither the promoter or  venue owner will be liable for any injury, loss or damage caused at the venue.

  13. Lunar Electric will proceed rain or shine

  14. Please follow the directions of officials in the event of an emergency situation.

  15. Any ticket found to be re sold for profit will be deemed invalid and the holder maybe refused entry.

  16. Tickets may not be re sold on third party sites. Re sale may be offered by Ticketbooth in the event that all tickets have sold.

  17. In the event that the festival cannot go ahead on due to Covid 19 restrictions being enforced that do not permit  large gatherings of this nature, the festival will be rescheduled. All tickets will be valid for the rescheduled show.

  18. The promoter reserves the right to alter the advertised artists without notification. No refunds will be issued due to line up changes.


If any of the following apply to you. Do not attend the event.

  • You have had a covid test and are waiting for a result or have tested and need to isolate

  • You are feeling unwell and are showing flu or cold like symptoms

  • You have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive in the last 14 days

  • You have returned from over seas or travelled to a covid hot spot in the last 14 days


If you attend the event and are referred to our medical facility at the entry for assessment of covid like symptoms, you may be refused entry.  If at any time while at the event you are referred to medical for assessment of covid like symptoms, you may be asked to leave.

Wash and sanitize hands regularly.

Please adhere to social distancing regulations and remember to practice good hygiene at all times.

Follow any directives given by security, police or event staff at all times.

Comply with and follow all signage.

Adhere to crowd flow control measures and makers showing direction of pedestrian traffic.

All patrons must sign in with the QLD Health QR check in.

Patrons attending the event give consent to their information being shared with QLD health for contact tracing.


  • No illegal or illicit substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia

  • No weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, pocket knives and self defense sprays

  • No flammable items or liquids including aerosols and fireworks

  • No markers, pens or spray paint

  • No backpacks, purses, or bags exceeding the Size of a4 paper

  • No stuffed animals

  • NO Glass (including perfume bottles) & aluminium containers

  • No outside food or beverage including alcohol and water

  • No bottles, cans, canteens, flasks, or Eskys

  • No opened over-the-counter medication or eye drops

  • No opened packs of cigarettes or tampons

  • No pacifiers or glow sticks

  • No balloons, balls, inflatable balls, frisbees or flying disks

  • No umbrellas, chairs, blankets, sleeping bags or tents

  • No bicycles, skateboards, hover-boards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles

  • No drones or unmanned aerial vehicles

  • No animals except for service animals assisting an individual with a disability. “Comfort,” “therapy” or “emotional support” animals do not meet the definition of a service animal and are not permitted entry to the Event.

  • No large chains, chained wallets or spiked jewelry

  • No laser pens, laser pointers, or similar focused light devices

  • No water guns, squirt guns, spray bottles or misters

  • No musical instruments, noisemakers or air horns

  • No professional cameras, flash cameras or video and audio recording equipment, or camera poles

  • No poles, selfie sticks, or “totems”

  • NO Nasal Inhalers & Nitrous Oxide (N2O bulbs)


Additional items may be prohibited at the discretion of Law enforcement or security guards.


  • Yes to bags  (not exceeding 21cm x 29.7cm / Size of a4 paper) *Subject to search*

  • Yes to bum bags

  • Yes to small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap is allowed

  • Yes to mobile phones

  • Yes to sunglasses and hats

  • Yes to illuminated or glowing jewelry or costumes

  • Yes to sealed packs of cigarettes upon entry

  • Yes to non-professional cameras

  • Yes to action cameras, such as GoPro’s Regarding action cameras –

  • yes to strap headwear or non-extendable handles

  • Yes to earplugs

  • Yes to flags and banners (no corporate or company branding; no hard poles)

  • Yes to powdered make-up

  • Yes to feminine products (sealed upon entry)

  • Yes to prescription medication (you must have the prescription/label in your name with you)

  • Yes to surgical/face masks